Your new home buyer’s guide

Includes latest $25K ‘HomeBuilder’ Grant info.

How to buy new house & land at Newgate Tarneit PLUS info on saving approx $52,000 on your first home!

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It all starts with a block of land.

To get your home at Newgate, we’ll first help you select a block of land that’s right for you.


So I don’t need to buy the house and land all at once?

That’s right! We let you purchase with 10% deposit on a block of land. You’re then free to select a house design later.


Which block of land is right for me?

We’ll help you select from our range, considering features like:

  • Location: Do you want a park view? North-facing?
  • Block size: Large or compact?
  • Budget: How much do you plan to spend on your house & land?

You’ve chosen a block, now lock it in!

You’ll now sign a Contract of Sale and pay 10% deposit of the contract price. For example, $30K deposit for a $300K block of land.


Pick a builder & house design

Now’s a great time for a tour of the Newgate Display Village. Choose the builder and house design to complement your block of land. Buidling at Newgate doesn’t require developer approvals - get started sooner.


Arrange your finance

Chat to a mortgage broker (we can help you find one) who will help you secure a loan for your land purchase and building needs.


Up to $35K grants for home buyers

Newgate has titled blocks ready to build now. Getting started soon is an important step in qualifying for the $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant. Plus, if it is your first home you may also qualify for the the $10,000 First Home Owner Grant.†


Pay ZERO Stamp Duty

Great news! If you’re a qualifying first home buyer you won’t pay any Stamp Duty.† That’ll save you approx $17,000 on a $429,000 house & land package.


Make it yours

When your land receives its Certificate of Title, you will pay the balance (90% of contract price) of your land purchase. This is known as “settlement”.

Want it sooner? We offer Titled Land that’s ready for settlement right now.


Complete the building process

The final steps are working with your chosen builder on completion of your new home.

Ready to get your new home?

Enquire and we’ll be in touch to help out right away.

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We’ll contact you shortly to chat about the house & land options available at Newgate.

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